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History Units
  - Geography
  - Alaska's Cultures
  - Russia's Colony
  - America's Territory
  - Governing Alaska
  - Modern Alaska

Related Stories
  - Russian Reader
  - Adventures in the AK Economy
  - Alaska's Heritage

Field Trips
  - Visit the Sitka National Historic Park Project Jukebox
  - Visit the Sheldon Jackson Museum

In the News
  - Point Possession becomes part of Kenai refuge

Teacher's Guide

Regional History
Russia's Colony
Table of Contents

The Beginning of Exploration  

The First Russian Contact in Alaska  

More Russian Exploration in Alaska  

The Russians Use Alaska  

Baranof in Alaska  

Russia Gets some Competition from Spain  

The English - and Captain Cook - Step In  

The Europeans Fight over Alaska  

The Russian Orthodox Mission  

The Sale of Russian America  



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